Advice on sustainability matters, reporting and ESG

Advice on sustainability matters, reporting and ESG

Sustainability strategy, ESG risk assessment, CSR and sustainability reporting, supply chain due diligence – almost every day companies are confronted with all these buzzwords and need to deal with the ambiguity of their meaning and to what extent these topics are relevant for the business activities.

Regulatory frameworks and legal requirements such as the EU Green Deal, EU directives on sustainability reporting, supply chain laws, taxonomy, requirements from the financial sector and national legal requirements are putting immediate pressure on the companies and convey urgency to act.

Understanding and addressing all relevant sustainability issues and specific legal requirements and reporting obligations are serious challenges for most companies due to shortage of resources and lack of experience with these topics. External expertise and support can help to manage these challenges.

What do we offer?

Our consultants working have many years of experience with these topics. We support you in managing your sustainability activities. Starting with gaining transparency on the current status of ESG activities in your company including your supply chain we support you in

  • Developing a long-term sustainability strategy based on ESG risk assessments
  • Implementing your sustainability program
  • Setting up your sustainability or supply chain reporting based on ESG standards or other specific legal requirements.
  • Audits of the non-financial reporting
  • Sustainable IT developments with a focus in certifications for data centers
  • ESG delegate