ECOVIS OC Law Facilitates Successful Market Entry for Leading Native Advertising Pioneer in Vietnam
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ECOVIS OC Law Facilitates Successful Market Entry for Leading Native Advertising Pioneer in Vietnam

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I. Background

Our client, a subsidiary of a leading multinational company based in Singapore, is a global pioneer in native advertising. As they expand their innovative revenue growth solutions across the advertising ecosystem, they rely on ECOVIS OC Law for expert legal support in Vietnam.

II. The challenge

To expand into the Vietnamese market, our client needed to establish a subsidiary and sought a local law firm with in-depth knowledge of Vietnamese laws and business practices. They required services that met international standards and experience in working with foreign partners. ECOVIS OC Law was selected for its comprehensive support in the areas of incorporation, local tax compliance, labour and reporting services in Vietnam.

III. Solution

ECOVIS OC Law successfully assisted the client in their Vietnamese investment by providing comprehensive support in several key areas:

  • Investment Structuring: Tailoring the investment structure to meet the specific needs of the online advertising business.
  • Legal entity formation: Facilitating the legal entity incorporation process.
  • Ongoing compliance: Ensuring ongoing compliance with Vietnamese laws and regulations.
  • Representation: Representing the client in interactions with authorities and necessary engagements.

With extensive experience and a professional team, ECOVIS OC Law effectively facilitated the client’s subsidiary establishment and business operations in the Vietnamese advertising market. The client expressed high satisfaction with the quality of services provided.

IV. Success

ECOVIS OC Law continues to provide high quality, internationally standardised legal services, local tax compliance and reporting to our clients. Our strong working relationships with our clients have established our reputation and credibility among legal practitioners in Vietnam and the international community.

Explore how ECOVIS International can support your business expansion with expert legal services in Vietnam. Contact us today for a tailored solution to your business needs.

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