Traditional & Innovative Financing
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Traditional & Innovative Financing

We speak the language of traditional and innovative financing

We have contributed to the setting up or to the current activity of several first rank financing institutions, with head offices in Europe and US. We are sure of ourselves in international and Romanian transactions using recipes that proved their validity and successfully innovative financing products.

We offer legal counselling in national and international transactions. Negations of Suppliers and Services agreements and finance structuring for real estate investments use our legal skills and capacity to communicate with numbers. If the company looks for clever ways to raise funds, we can manage equity financing or a corporate bond issuance.

Our legal strategies and skills in finding and managing capital are good to have in bankable legal due diligence, bank loan contracts, financial standing, commercial contracts, leasing agreements, creation of security packages, design of EPC agreements, assistance for supplier credit or legal representation of financial institutions. We can contract a large range of banking products for acquisitions or capital in real estate, energy production and infrastructure.

When it comes to financial innovation, our team knows very well the business of electronic payments. We diagnose, structure and implement complex international financing products specific to U.S., Western and Northern European capital markets. We make installation of cross-markets financing products for increasing the client’s capital and business operation. For export or import of equipment in our areas of expertise, we use financing platforms offered by international import-export banks and / or insured by Export Credit Agencies.

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Managing Partner in Romania
Adrian Ciurtin
Managing Partner
Phone: +40 315 400 100
Mobile: +40 723 674 274

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