Business Advisory
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Business Advisory

Our Business Advisory service aims to help business owners and managers meet complex business challenges as they grow their business.

To solve complex business problems, we combine our experience in many areas – from accounting and taxes to data analysis and modelling the future.

Our experts provide insightful advice to clients on how to increase profits, minimize tax liabilities, plan for a secure financial future, and achieve their business goals.

Business analytics

Growing business requires business owners and managers to use more sophisticated, forward-looking approaches to making informed decisions.

When a decision is made without careful analysis of historical financial and operational data or future forecasts, it usually leads to a significant slowdown in growth and reduced profits.

We use proven methods and techniques to gain insight and understanding of business performance factors based on historical data about your business. We then make extensive use of analytical modelling, including explanatory and predictive modelling, to help you make a sound business decision.

CFO service

Not every business needs or can afford a full-time CFO. But if you’re focused on growing your business and planning to grow, an experienced CFO can help you a lot.

Our CFO service help you drive growing your business and improve profitability at a fraction of the cost of employing fulltime CFO.

Our CFO service will support you in all areas of financial management. This is much more than just a consulting support on demand. Our experts work with you, becoming an extension of your in-house team. They take a practical, proactive approach to develop sound financial solutions when your business needs them, leaving you time to focus on the rest of the business.

We help business owners and managers in:

  • Budgeting and forecasting
  • Cash flow and revenue management
  • Analysis of key performance indicators
  • Assistance with mergers and acquisitions
  • Financial analysis and modelling
  • Specialized financial projects
  • Business valuation

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Fedir Koshovyi
Partner, Chartered Accountant
Phone: +38 044 249 0482

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