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Our accounting services for small and medium-sized businesses cover the most important areas of accounting, tax and financial management. We offer our assistance to business owners and managers in performing bookkeeping and accounting tasks, preparing financial and tax reports, making decisions, as well as financial management.

Small business owners can count on the full support of our accounting and taxation experts in addressing current issues to spend more time and focus on the most important aspects of their business.

Outsource Accounting service

Maintaining and managing internal accounting can be costly and administratively burdensome for small and mediumsized enterprises.

Our Outsource Accounting service allows companies to transfer their financial, accounting and administrative tasks to a flexible, tightly managed service that disburdens the management, making it more focused on business development.

Even large companies can benefit from outsource accounting as it is more cost effective and easily managed way to have accurate accounts and ensure compliance than maintaining in-house accounting.

The most tangible benefits of using outsourced accounting for business are:

  • Cost reduction and lowering the administrative burden associated with maintaining and managing internal accounting
  • Mitigation the risk of penalties and other losses caused by errors in reports, since their accuracy and compliance with the latest tax and legal requirements is ensured by experienced and dedicated professionals
  • Increase business productivity as management becomes more focused on business development and growth
  • Instant access to sophisticated and up-to-date financial analytics and customized advice on various aspects of the business

Our Outsource Accounting service include:

  • Monthly / weekly processing of company’s transactions
  • Quarterly / monthly end closing accounts
  • Accrual accounting & maintaining schedules
  • Basic statutory financial statements
  • Custom financial reporting package
  • Reporting on budget-to-actual performance
  • Financial review and analysis

Financial and Management Reporting

Accurate financial statements and management reports are necessary for assessing the company’s health as well as identifying threats and opportunities for business development in a timely manner.

Errors and misstatements in the reports can lead to incorrect management decisions, which will lead to significant losses for the company. Therefore, properly compiled and thoroughly audited reports are vital for every company.

We ensure 100% accuracy of the reports we compile, which is a solid basis for making sound management decisions.

Our reporting services include:

  • Compilation of financial statements according to IFRS
  • Compilation of management reports
  • Transformation of local GAAP statements to IFRS
  • Compilation of statutory financial statements
  • Development and implementation of monthly / quarterly reporting systems
  • Preparation of consolidated financial statements
  • Interim financial statements

Payroll service

Running payroll can be a challenge for small companies or for businesses without their own HR department and full-time professional accountants.

We can help by taking on all the responsibilities of managing the administrative functions of payroll and compliance with tax and legal requirements.

Functions that a company typically outsource include:

  • Running payroll based on the data that is provided by the company
  • Calculating bonuses, sick and annual leaves and other employee benefits
  • Calculating taxes, withholding and contributions according to current state regulation
  • Preparing pay-sheets to pay the employees
  • Filing monthly /quarterly state tax and payroll reports
  • Ensuring compliance to latest regulation

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