Audit & Assurance
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Audit & Assurance

We have many years of experience in providing audits and assurance services to Ukrainian and international businesses. Most of our clients are small and mid-sized companies, but we also serve large companies, including some high profile organisations.


At ECOVIS AMA-Audit quality is always our primary concern, alongside trust. Therefore, we constantly strive to provide the highest quality services and continuously improve them, where necessary, to achieve the best results.

Through Ecovis International we are affiliated with Forum of Firms, an independent association of international networks of firms that perform transnational audits. In this regard, the applied policies and methodologies:

  • are based on International Standards on Auditing;
  • conform to the International Ethics Standards Board for Accountants’ International Code of Ethics for Professional Accountants and national codes of ethics; and
  • maintain appropriate quality control standards in accordance with International Standards on Quality Control in addition to relevant national standards.

Our audit approach

Our audit approach is based on risk assessment and focuses on what matters. We actively report where we see weaknesses or inefficiencies.

We believe that an audit is not simply a confirmation that the company has properly performed its accounting procedures. By conducting an audit, we strive to help you adapt management and control to the requirements of your market and the expectations of your stakeholders.

We provide a full range of audit and assurance service in accordance with the International Standards issued by IAASB:

  • Audits of historical financial information
  • Review of historical financial information
  • Assurance services other than audits or reviews of historical financial information
  • Performing agreed upon procedures regarding financial information
  • Voluntary audits and special purpose audits
  • Financial due diligence in business acquisition process

Contact us:

Fedir Koshovyi
Partner, Chartered Accountant
Phone: +38 044 249 0482

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