Business Advisory

Business Advisory

We at Ecovis Hanshin Accounting Corporation suggest the best plan and solution for M&A, investment and fund supply.

Mergers and Acquisitions Advisory

  • Analysis of tax and accounting issues and setting of optimum business strategy
  • Ensure tax efficient deal structuring
  • planning the fund supply
  • Conducting M&A processes
  • Contacting a LOI and the final version of Transfer Agreement

Due Diligence

  • Accounting and finance for both sellers and buyers..
  • Transfer and acquisition of business, disposal of business, Split-off
  • Investment and borrowing


  • M&A for both sellers and buyers
  • Calculating the appropriate value for investment promotion
  • Price analysis, Bid support, shareholder value
  • Organization and restructuring

Network Valuation

  • Supporting establishment and operation of MSO (Management Service Organization)
  • Valuation for a network hospital
  • Valuation for the equity stake with the consequence of joining and withdrawing the network

We support to successful company growth from optimum M&A strategy establishment.

  • M&A experts establish the efficient M&A success strategy from using the experience for many years
  • It makes for the best company matched with customer’s development strategy to promote M&A.
  • It pursues correct due diligence and reasonable valuation conclusion, so that it supports the optimum M&A business organization.
  • It is not to finish supporting by simple sales end but to pursue special advisory about development strategy after M&A.

Advisory for small & medium enterprise’s management

CFO Services 

  • Periodic (month / a quarter/ a half / year) financial analysis and reporting(- balance sheet, income statement, cost report, cash flow)
  • Finance result analysis / Advisory for financial diagnosis and financial projections
  • Cash flows management
  • Analysis and reporting of performance by each business unit, profitability by product and profitability by customers
  • supporting for feasibility Study and business plan
  • Managerial and cost accounting system diagnosis and improvement advisory

Advanced business management consulting

  • Supporting the improvement project for total cost curtail and execution plan setting
  • Consulting for strategic business management system building
  • Design for ABC
  • Multidivisional and responsibility account system building
  • Accomplishment value system building and value index development
  • Business process reengineering consulting
  • Setting up information system building strategy
  • Advisory for internal accounting control system

Advisory for venture enterprise management

CFO Services

  • Making out EV report and audit for fund supply
  • Making out prospectus and supporting for fund
  • Business propriety analysis and fund estimation service
  • Optimum fund supply method groping(public offering, private/institution investor, foreign fund supply, KOSDAQ registration)
  • Making our road map for fund supply listing

IPO Consulting

  • Offering analysis data and information for KOSDAQ registration
  • Acting for registration procedure(making out KOSDAQ registration preliminary inspection bill)
  • Offering information on fund supply, investment holding and meditation service
  • Making out prospectus and estimation financial statement for KOSDAQ registration
  • EV estimate for propriety fund scale and fund offering

Supply for inauguration of venture enterprise

  • Regular advisory on tax and accounting issues
  • Regular consulting on fund situation and analysis
  • Managerial accounting system
  • Advisory for venture enterprise’s internal control system