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The top accountants accumulated their experiences for many years in big foreign firms accomplish the audit to meet clients’ expectations.

  • The audit result’s quality depends on the account’s ability wholly
  • The accountant’s ability depends on not belonging in big accounting firm but the period and quality of experience.
  • Our specialist group who learned special knowledge through the many experience in the big firms provide high quality audit & advisory service matching request of external audit law, securities & exchange law, financial institution, shareholder, court and other stakeholder.

Legal Audit

  • Audit by external audit law
  • Audit by securities and exchange law
  • Audit for exchange listing, KOSDAQ registration
  • Audit for government investment, central and local public corporation

Special purpose Audit

  • Audit by stakeholder request of financial institution, shareholder, court, etc.
  • Audit related takeover, M&A, joint venture
  • Due to court request, the book and operating presumed profit audit
  • Sales and research & development costs audit for venture certification

Internal Audit

Efficient performance of the staff’s accomplishment business objectively based on independent view from internal department. Operating Audit about internal staff of all departments; corporation regulation observance.

Fraud Audit

Audit for all staff’s fraud and protection from detail analysis of the book, documentation and fraud trail.