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Guide to business establishment in Korea


Types of Business Entities Established by Foreign Nationals

  • Local Corporation
  • Private Business
  • Branch
  • Liaison Office

Procedures for Establishment of a Local Corporation

  • Flow Chart
  • Foreign Invesment Notification
  • Remittance of Foreign Investment Capital
  • Incorporation Registration
  • Business Registration
  • Transfer of Paid-in Capital to a Corporate Account
  • Foreign Invested Company Registration

Procedures for Incorporation Registration

  • Types of Incorporation
  • Procedure for Incorporation
  • Incorporation Registration
  • Simplification of Business Opening Procedures and Special Provisions for Small
  • Business Entities

Incorporation Notification and Business Registration

  • When Incorporation notification and business registration are made concurrently
  • When business registration is made prior to incorporation notification

Procedure for Private Business Registration

  • Flow Chart
  • Foreign Investment Notification
  • Remittance of Investment Capital
  • Business Registration
  • Foreign Invested Company Registration

Procedure for Establishing a Branch in Korea

  • Flow Chart
  • Types of Branches
  • Notification of Branch Establishment
  • Registration of Branch Establishment
  • Branch Closure and Retrieval of Liquidated Funds

Samples of Forms Required for Incorporation and Registration

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