Corporate Finance

Corporate Finance

Creating value via corporate restructuring is necessary as a result of economic uncertainty, changes in business practice efficiency and performance, and heightened marketplace competition. We work hand-in-hand with management to identify the causes of the difficulties and the best strategy for the business recovery and then develop a solution which we will support the implementation. This process helps clients improve operating performance, restore and enhance profitability.

Our approach including the following:

  • Strategic alternative assessment – Business viability review
  • Valuation and Liquidity analysis
  • Optimal capital structuring
  • Advice on the sale of an entire company, a division, a subsidiary or a specific asset
  • Debt restructuring strategies
  • Exit financing assistance
  • Negotiations regarding financings and M&A transactions
  • Communications with key stakeholders and debt negotiations/refinancing

We are proactive in management of relationship with key funding providers in order to optimise information flow and agree on a mutually benefit plan for the business.

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