Payroll Outsourcing

Payroll Outsourcing

Our dedicated Payroll Team assists clients range from small to very large enterprises all of which expect high quality and professional services from us. We deliver accurate, timely payroll services leaving management free from the hassle of dealing with payroll matters and giving them a peace of mind in running their business.

Benefits of Outsourcing

By outsourcing your payroll function to us, you enjoy the following benefits:

  • Time saving and cost effective without the need to employ a HR manager
  • Keeping payroll information confidential to all staff
  • Frequent update to changes in statutory legislation and payroll software
  • Strong technical support by a pool of professional in back office
  • Offer Direct Deposit for employee

Our Capabilities in Helping our Clients

At Ecovis Singapore, we offer comprehensive payroll and HR administrative services to suit the needs of your company.

Our Routine Payroll Work

  • Maintaining the payroll file for each employee of the Company
  • Computation of net salary and contribution (both employer and employee) to Singapore Central Provident Fund
  • Provision of electronic pay advices
  • Generate payroll reports on a monthly basis for management’s review
  • Preparation of year end IR8A and IR8S (hardcopy) and Notice to File Employment Income of Employees Electronically (electronic copy)
  • Disbursement of monthly salary payment into employees’ bank accounts
  • Advisory on Compliance Requirement on employment, payroll and CPF matters
  • Process increments and bonuses
  • Prepare IR21 for foreigners leaving the country

Payroll Report and Deliverables

  • Payroll summary and detail reports
  • Overtime summary report
  • Headcount report
  • Bank listing report
  • Printed or electronic pay advice
  • CPFD, SDF/FWL and FUND report
  • IR8A/IR8S Form
  • Other payroll reports customised to management requirement

HR Administration

  • Registration with CPF Board
  • Employee insurance administration
  • Handling of adhoc childcare claim, NS claim and maternity leave claim
  • Application of Employment Pass, Dependent Pass and Long-Term Social Visit Pass
  • Employee personal tax service (including expatriate tax computation and submission)

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