Financial forensics

Financial forensics

At Ecovis FinAudit, special attention is paid to financial forensics within a trained team of forensic scientists.

Forensic expertise

Our team of highly educated, professional and registered experts provides economic and financial expertise services.

Decades of experience, professionalism and trust

ECOVIS FinAudit is registered in the Ministry of Justice in the Register of Court Experts of Legal Entities and, thanks to its extensive experience, successfully provides economic and financial expertise services.

Our team of highly educated and professional registered court experts can professionally respond to all requests of court proceedings and reporters of more complex situations in the economic and financial field.

Valuation of capital , assets and shares

The assessment of the value of capital is carried out in order to determine the real market value of capital, determining the basic value and range of capital values for the needs of auction sale of capital in the privatization process, preparation for recapitalization or increase of share capital, status changes or mergers, acquisitions or divisions and separations, determining the selling price in legal entities in bankruptcy proceedings, etc.

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