Our Team

Our Team

ECOVIS FinAudit permanently employs over 30 people, and among them are 7  certified auditors who have certificates and valid licenses from the Ministry of Finance to audit financial statements.

Licensed certified auditors are:

  • Dr. Jelena Slović
  • Dr. Dejana Miljković
  • Zoran Ilić, M.Sc.
  • Dragica Zdravković, B.Sc. oec.
  • Marko Brkić, B.Sc. oec.
  • Bojana Peruničić, B.Sc. oec.
  • BIljana Čučković Sakić, B.Sc. oec.

Contact us:

Dr. Jelena Slović, Serbia
Dr. Jelena Slović
+38 11 130 9819