Employment solutions

Employment solutions

Working as a consultant in Norway

When given an opportunity to work in Norway, there are numerous aspects to assess prior to project start. Most consultants worry about their earnings or retention from their contract rate. Most companies worry about compliance and onboarding. We can enlighten both parties by providing a projection and guaranteeing compliance, just ask us to.

How does it work?

We will formally be the employer of the consultant(s) working in Norway. In being the employer, we will run the payroll, handle the taxation, pay national insurance, perform the payments, support and advise in complex matters and guarantee compliance along with it.

Essential Benefits of the Service

The need for establishing a company in Norway is no longer current, as we will handle all the administration. All the knowledge needed for onboarding and facilitating consultants in Norway is supplied by us, which means you don’t have to spend weeks finding out aspects of Norwegian employment we already know.

  • We provide a projection and breakdown of figures based on a rate
  • We contact the contractor in the start-phase, answering all questions
  • We agree on terms and provide contracts to ensure a compliant arrangement
  • We onboard the contractor and handle all aspects of being employed in Norway (and the Nordics)
  • You have a guarantee of compliance and can leave the administration to us