About us
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About us

We are an authorised Norwegian accounting firm assisting foreign businesses in Norway. Our experienced staff help international companies navigate through the jungle of bureaucracy and formalities in Norway. Although Norway can be a challenging country, corruption is low and GDP is high, so there is great potential.

Our services include:

  • Payroll services (fully compliant outsourced payroll services).
  • Company registration and setup (it is crucial to find the right setup before entering the Norwegian market)
  • VAT representation and registration (for entities that are not liable for taxation but have VAT-liable revenue, vat representative is mandatory)
  • Employed services for contractors (if you are hired labour, we can act as your employer and make sure that all your tax obligations are fulfilled. We also help you minimise your taxes to Norway and give assistance with the personal tax return)
  • Accounting and annual accounts (through our local partners, we are able to handle all accounting and annual accounts issues you might have)
  • Legal services (together with Oslo based law firms we can offer experienced laywers)

Through our membership in Ecovis International we have access to almost 8,500 professionals in nearly 80 countries worldwide.

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