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Company registration

Formation and VAT

You will need to register your company in Norway if you are

  • engaging in business
  • undertaking a contract
  • selling goods or services with Norwegian VAT or
  • employing somebody working in Norway

To register a company does not automatically imply a permanent establishment or tax liability to Norway. Registering your company in the “wrong” register, however, may burden you with unnecessary liabilities and responsibilities. Most commonly, companies without establishment in Norway can register a branch office (NUF) in Norway.

ECOVIS Ardur Tax AS specialises in assisting foreign companies with various activities in Norway. We can help you choose the right setup for your company.

Some different company registration models in Norway are:

Branch office (NUF) without establishment Branch office (NUF) with establishment Limited Liability Company Sole trader
No share capital No share capital Share capital NOK 30 000 No share capital
No need to keep accounts Must keep full accounts Must keep full accounts Must keep accounts
For short term projects For long term projects For long term projects For short and long projects
For employment purposes Not for employment only For all purposes Can employ others
No tax liability for most Tax liability for most Tax liability to Norway Tax liability to Norway
Not considered a Norwegian company Considered a Norwegian company Is a Norwegian company with PE in Norway Considered a Norwegian company / individual
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