Business Advisory in Nepal

Business Advisory in Nepal

Every company needs different advice in different situations for their business and management whether it is a strategic planning or cost reduction. From start-ups to multinational companies, every business requires accurate information to sustain, make profits and grow. Expert business advisory services like ours can help you achieve these goals.

We custom-tailor business advisory services and financial services solutions to meet your specific needs, allowing you to take a comprehensive approach to stay ahead of the curve, make better decisions, become more profitable. We provide the following business advisory services to our clients through a team of professionals with specific expertise and Audit and Assurance services.

We provide the following advisory services for our clients:

  • Financial advisory/consultancy services
    We apply our expertise to navigate complex corporate financial situations.
  • Consultancy legal advisory services
    A team of experts that holds sufficient experience in handling issues related to legal compliance, due diligence will serve you proficiently and legally take care of you during mergers, takeovers, etc.
  • Corporate governance formulation and continuation services
    We can help you improve the corporate governance practices not just to achieve compliance but to help you improve the business and position you for competitive advantage.
  • Financial feasibility study
    Our goal is to assess the economic viability of your planned business. The conclusion of the feasibility study will indicate whether your planned venture is viable or not.
  • Financial Evaluation and Analysis of the project
    It helps to reveal the effectiveness and efficiency of the project. Every aspect of the project is measured to determine if it’s proceeding as planned, and if not, inform how project parts can be improved.
  • Business Impact Analysis & Study due to legal/financial reforms
    We determine the criticality of business activities and associated resource requirements to ensure operational resilience and continuity of operations due to legal/financial reforms.

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