ECOVIS PYC & Associates shall be providing following services working in association with ECOVIS:

Financial Consultancies

  • Review of financials as well as providing financial consultancies to various diverse clients
  • Investigation of Financial Frauds

Information Technology Services

  • IT Audits
  • IT System Development Advice
  • Development of Management Information System(MIS)

Corporate Finance

  • Due Diligence Mergers/Acquisitions Advice
  • Business Plans
  • Corporate Institutional Trainings in case-to-case basis

Legal Consultancies

  • Developments in the sector of law
  • Advise on compliances required by the clients
  • Financial effect calculations due to various provisions of various Acts

International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)

Organizations witnessed transitioning to NFRS, a new accounting framework converged with IFRS. This would enhance required uniformity and comparability throughout the practice of accounting. Accounting Standard Board of The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nepal has formulated this financial reporting standards. The objective of accounting standard is to treat several accounting aspects by removing variation and bringing standardization in presentation. The intention is harmonization of diverse policies of accounting adopted in presentation as well as preparation of financial statements by varied reporting organization for facilitating intra firm/ company/organization and inter firm/company/organization.

The service includes GAAP analysis and advice as well as the main implementation phase to the new reporting standards. We also provide post implementation services and training of the human resources accordingly.