Execution module of assignment

Execution module of assignment

The following provides a brief summary of our focus on quality, independence, confidentiality in all the assignments we engage into:

  • We always perform the professional work honestly and sincerely. We do not allow prejudice or bias to override the objectivity.
  • We respect the confidentiality of information acquired in the course of work.
  • We perform the professional work and report with due professional care.
  • We carefully direct, supervise & review work delegated to assistants. We obtain reasonable assurance that work performed by other meets the purpose.
  • We provide valuable suggestions, wherever necessary, for the betterment of client organizations, even though those may not form part of professional work assigned to us.
  • We always plan our work professionally, so that it enables us to conduct the same in an efficient and timely manner that ultimately reduces our cost and the cost of client organization

Use of technology:

With the revolutionary development in the field of technology which has made the entire world into a global market, we in the field of assurance and advisory services need to be updated about the same and efficiently use technology to provide quality services. Even in our firm we use the latest technologies, audit sampling techniques, various Computer Assisted Audit Techniques, Database queries, Spreadsheets etc. to deliver services to our clients. Not only this our employees are well versed with advanced to basic computer knowledge and have good knowledge about the various accounting software. While performing audit we carry out audit through the computer and maintain systematic details audit trails rather than audit around the computer.

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