Advisory for venture enterprise management

CFO Services 

  • Making out EV report and audit for fund supply
  • Making out prospectus and supporting for fund
  • Business propriety analysis and fund estimation service
  • Optimum fund supply method groping(public offering, private/institution investor, foreign fund supply, KOSDAQ  registration)
  • Making our road map for fund supply listing

IPO Consulting 

  • Offering analysis data and information for KOSDAQ registration
  • Acting for registration procedure(making out KOSDAQ registration preliminary inspection bill)
  • Offering information on fund  supply, investment holding and meditation service
  • Making out prospectus and estimation financial statement for KOSDAQ registration
  • EV estimate for propriety fund scale and fund offering

Supply for inauguration of venture enterprise

  • Regular advisory on tax and accounting issues
  • Regular consulting on fund situation and analysis
  • Managerial accounting system
  • Advisory for venture enterprise’s internal control system