Complaints procedure for Ecovis clients


This paper provides guidance to Ecovis clients on the manner in which complaints are dealt with in cases where  an Ecovis client is not satisfied with the service they have received from an Ecovis member firm.

ECOVIS International has adopted detailed quality standards to which each member firm has committed. The implementation of these standards is monitored through the Quality Development Board on a continual basis.

Overview of Complaints Process

Stage I – Addressing your complaint to your adviser

You should first address your complaint to the Ecovis adviser who is responsible for the provision of services to you. Your communication should be in writing and provide a description of the issue which gives rise to your dissatisfaction.

Stage II – Placing your complaint to the ECOVIS International back office

If within a reasonable period of time you are either not satisfied with the Ecovis adviser’s response or you have not received any response, you are encouraged to make a formal complaint to Ecovis International. You can do this by sending an email to

Please provide the following information:

  • Your name and contact details (if not available in your mail signature).
  • Name of the ECOVIS member firm.
  • The nature of the engagement with the Ecovis member firm.
  • Responsible partner and advisor within the Ecovis member firm.
  • Details of the complaint (including when the performance giving rise to the complaint occurred).
  • Copies of any documentation in support of your complaint.
  • Please indicate if we can contact the member firm and identify you as the complaining party or if you wish to remain anonymous. Please note that we will respect your wish in this matter, except where it is not possible due to legal or other regulations.

Stage III – Acknowledging your complaint and internal processing

We will acknowledge receipt of your complaint within two working days and will provide you with the contact details of the individual assigned to address your complaint. We will aim to address your complaint as soon as possible, generally within 30 days. We will duly inform you if we anticipate any delay beyond this 30-day period.

You can contact the assigned individual at any time to inquire about the status of the review.

Stage IV – Response to your complaint

When we have completed the examination of your complaint, we will contact you.


Please be aware that this complaints procedure is not intended to compromise your rights under applicable regulations and/or legislation, nor those of the Ecovis member firm.

ECOVIS International is a Swiss association. Each Member Firm is an independent legal entity in its own country and is only liable for its own acts or omissions and not those of any other entity.

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