In the bookkeeping area we offer among others:

  • comprehensive bookkeeping services in accordance with valid Czech legislation
  • evidencies and monitoring for VAT purposes
  • processing and filing of value added tax – quarterly or monthly
  • preparation of financial statements, ie. closing operations, preparation of balance sheet, income statement and notes (including cash flow statement, if required)

We provide comprehensive payroll services:

  • preparation of all payroll related records
  • filling banker’s order to your bank for payment of income tax advances, social contributions and health insurance
  • preparation of pay slips and salary sheets of employees in the required format
  • adding or deleting employees to or from the payroll evidence
  • annual tax settlement for employees not filing individual tax return

Contact us:

Certified Tax Consultant in Prague
Simona Fialová
Certified Tax Consultant
+420 703 171 001
Tax advisor in Prague
Hans van Capelleveen
Tax Advisor
+420 603 556 555

Scope of services: