Transfer pricing
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Transfer pricing

According to the definition of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), transfer prices are the prices at which a company transfers tangible property, intangible assets, or renders services to companies of the same group and residents. in different states.

In Algeria with globalization and the importance of international exchanges between companies belonging to the same group or with direct or indirect links and established in different countries, the interest paid by the tax administration to transfer prices is constantly growing.

The lack of production or the incomplete production of the documentation of the transfer prices, demanded in Algeria, entails the application of a fine of an amount of 2.000.000 DZD and the application of an additional fine equal to 25% indirectly transferred profits.

ECOVIS Audit Algeria offers practical solutions such as strategic approaches to transfer pricing documentation requirements, helping international companies achieve their business and international tax objectives.

To do this we have set up a team of specialized specialists. Experts who practice active listening and have the experience of a multitude of sectors. Experts who continually wonder if an idea or advice can be put into practice. And who makes daily contact with more than 6,500 professionals of the international Ecovis network. All active in the field of transfer pricing.

ECOVIS Audit Algeria gives you the help you need

  • Detailed analysis of the risks related to the transfer pricing
  • Cross-company transfer pricing documents for goods, services, interest, royalties, etc.
  • Optimization of the tax position of your group: reconciliation of transfer pricing and operational activities of companies in your group
  • Support of transfer pricing controls and procedures: prevention of double taxation
  • Accompaniment when establishing a file for deduction for patent revenues
  • Proactively securing your transfer pricing position through advance rulings or Advanced Pricing Agreements
  • Training (customized) of your employees in transfer pricing