Human resources
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Human resources

You want to manage your employees more efficiently and you have questions about:

  • How to draft a protective employment contract for employees and the company?
  • How to draw up wage slips?
  • Can I increase the salary of my employees and by how much?
  • How to affiliate my company with social organizations for my employees?
  • How to concretely manage the annual evaluation interviews?
  • How to build a retirement file for one of my employees?
  • What is the procedure for obtaining visas and work permits?

ECOVIS Audit Algeria can bring you all the answers to calmly manage your employees over time. By supporting, for example, the establishment of employment contracts and payslips. Our experts also advise you on the HR management of your company by providing you with assistance for your annual appraisal interviews or for retirement.

Administrative management of staff

Personnel administration refers to all the administrative tasks necessary for the proper management of human resources:

  • Establishment of pay slips and management of social charges
  • Compliance with labor legislation, collective agreements, branch agreements and other regulatory texts applicable in the company
  • Management of employment contracts and staff entry / exit,
  • Management of absences: paid leave, ATS, work stoppages, etc.
  • Analysis of the economic impacts of absenteeism, sick leave, legislative changes, etc.

At any time, ECOVIS Audit Algeria is able to carry out a social audit of your company. It makes it possible to check the correct application of the texts in the field of the Payroll and the respect of the obligations as a whole (posting, rules of procedure, respect of the schedules of work, etc.).