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Council missions

Advice & Tax optimization

In Algeria, complex issues relating to business law, national and international taxation as well as litigation are handled within ECOVIS Audit Algeria by a team of high-level tax experts to offer advice to companies be in compliance with the legislation in force, on the one hand, and succeed in financial arrangements while enjoying tax benefits granted by the state.

We have set up within the firm, a department of (Advice and tax optimization), which is in relation with the Algerian tax administration to the needs of updating the new requirements, in order to be able to offer our clients accurate advice in terms of taxation, while keeping up to date the latest notes, decrees, and laws that govern tax regulations.

For this service, our most important role is to protect the company from tax constraints by anticipating any tax irregularities through regular monitoring of the company’s operations.

In this context ECOVIS Audit Algeria supports its clients:

  • Assistance during a tax audit
  • Due diligence and joint assistance with tax lawyers
  • Accounting and Tax Management of permanent establishment.

Tax control and tax dispute

Benefit from the support of one of our experts, it is to make the choice to pass the test of the fiscal control in all serenity.

Whatever its size or sector of activity, your company may be subject to a tax audit at any time. The trend is also towards intensifying tax audits, as evidenced by the growing willingness of public authorities to improve tax yields and fight against tax evasion, mainly in the area of VAT.

The announcement of a tax audit often generates many concerns given the multiplicity and complexity of tax rules in force. Any structure is therefore not able to control all the implications and subtleties of the tax matter, where the requirement of rigor is more than paramount.

The conduct of a tax control

The tax administration analyses the transactions that you and your company have carried out during the last four years, and sometimes even beyond. The agents of the tax administration, then undertake the verification of your company accounts and your tax contributions such as corporate income tax (IBS), income tax (IRG), declaration and payment. VAT (G50). During the audit, you will have to explain and justify in a clear and precise way some of your operations. With this in mind and in order to avoid excessive adjustments, it is highly recommended to have recourse to a tax expert who will be able to respond with tact and precision to the questions of the administration.

Ecovis assistance

In order to better cope with the tax audit, we invite you to benefit from the support of one of our experts. It will intervene at each step of the control:

  • preparation for interview with the tax inspector,
  • presence at the interview and respond to questions from the inspector,
  • participation in the contradictory interview of synthesis: possibility of immediately contesting the possible proposals of recovery stated by the inspector,
  • proposal of rectification and management of the possible recourse.

At your request, our experts can help you anticipate tax audits as much as possible by:

  • Conducting a pre-audit to detect any anomalies or deficiencies in the system;
  • Ensuring that you have the necessary supporting documents to justify the expenses incurred by your company in its own interest;
  • Closely studying the areas systematically controlled by the tax administration, such as VAT or transfer prices.

In order to preserve your rights, our experts will make a point of ensuring that your taxpayer guarantees are respected and will mobilize all their skills and know-how to defend you in case of disputes with the administration.