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Tax Guide

Financial Year – 1 january, 31 december
Currency – TND

Corporate Tax Summary

Residence –A company is resident in Tunisia if it is incorporated in Tunisia or, if not incorporated in Tunisia, it carries on business in Tunisia and either exercises central management and control there or has its voting power controlled by shareholders that are residents of Tunisia.

Basis of Taxation – Resident companies are taxed on worldwide income. A non-resident company generally pays taxes only on income derived from Tunisian sources. The tax rates and treatment are the same for companies and branches of foreign companies.

Corporate Income Tax Rate (%) 25 The corporate tax rate varies by industry. The common law rate is 25%, however, certain activities benefit from advantageous rates:

  • Textile industry 13.5%
  • Leather and footwear industry 13.5%
  • IT development company 13.5%
  • Call centers 13.5%

Other sectors have penalizing rates

  • Supermarket distribution 35%
  • Oil sector 35%
  • Telecom sector 35%
Branch Tax Rate (%) 25
Withholding Tax Rate:
Dividends – Franked 10
Dividends – Unfranked 10
Dividends – Conduit Foreign Income 10 If the dividends have already undergone a tax in the country of residence of the company which carried out the distribution, this tax is deductible from the 10% payable in Tunisia.
Interest 35
Royalties from Intellectual Property
Fund Payments from Managed Investment Trusts
Branch Remittance Tax
Net Operating Losses (Years)
Carry back
Carry forward

Individual Tax Summary

Residence – For tax purposes an individual is a resident if he/she ordinarily “resides” in Tunisia or satisfies one of the following tests:

  1. Is domiciled in Tunisia (and does not have a permanent home elsewhere)
  2. Has spent more than half the year in Tunisia

Basis of Taxation – Resident taxpayers are generally taxed on worldwide income, with a tax offset for foreign tax paid on foreign income, up to the amount of Tunisian tax payable on that income. Foreign residents are taxable only on Tunisian-source income.

Filing Status – Each taxpayer must file a separate return each financial year; joint returns are not permitted.

Personal Income Tax Rates

Taxable Income Tax Payable – Residents Tax Payable – Non Residents
up to 1666 EUR 0 0
up to 6666 EUR 19,5 19,5
up to 10000 22,3
up to 16666 26,2 26,2
more than 16666 35

Goods and Services Tax (GST)

Rate N/A
Taxable Transactions N/A
Registration N/A
Filing and Payment N/A

Other Taxes Payable

Tax Reference
Payroll Tax Wage tax is generally withheld at source by the employer. Likewise for social contributions.
The employer bears part of the social contribution which is equal to 16.5% of the wages distributed
Stamp Duty Tunisia impose stamp duty at rates of up to 10% on the transfer of real property and some other business property. Rates vary depending on class of business property transferred.
Land Tax With the exception of legal exemptions, an annual tax called “the tax on undeveloped land” is due on undeveloped land located in areas under local authority authority.
The tax on undeveloped land is calculated at the rate of 0.3% on the real market value of the land.

Last updated: 02.07.2020

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