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Start Ups

By definition, start-ups have a very distinct idiosyncrasy that requires a specific approach and customized solutions. In the first place, one has to determine the appropriate legal structure for the business and then support the client throughout the incorporation process, the establishment of the first agreement between partners, taking the necessary steps in order to protect industrial or intellectual property of the idea or brand, where necessary, and the signing of labor or commercial contracts required in order to engage the persons responsible for developing the initial idea.

Typically, an entrepreneur will take a great deal of personal risk which in case of a lack of success entails a big responsibility. Oftentimes, entrepreneurs are not fully aware of the existence of such risks and make unfortunate decisions that in many cases may condition them for life. Our mission in this regard is to identify and minimize those risks.

Furthermore, subsequent financing rounds do not only require drafting and negotiating agreements in order to increase the capital or the corresponding subordinated loans, but also the signing of new agreements between the partners.