Contract Law

Contract Law

Every company requires an impeccable legal framework in order to conduct its business activity and relations in a smooth way. Choosing the right wording of a contract clearly constitutes the best preventive measure in order to avoid possible future conflicts on the domestic, and especially on an international level.

We prepare drafts for commercial contracts and, if necessary, participate in their consecutive negotiation, advising the client regarding the legal convenience of the different contract clauses, as well as their efficiency in order to prevent potential future conflicts.

Establishing a list of general conditions governing a company’s contracts will be extremely helpful in order to set the conditions according to which the activity shall be executed, and it will define a priori the preferred dispute resolution technique.

Thanks to the broad diversity among our loyal customers, whose trust we have been proudly keeping for lots of years, we acquired experience at all type of contracts, including, but not limited to, those related to international sales, construction, transportation, logistics, agency and distribution, real estate, etc.

Our business sectors of expertise include the automotive industry, safety, transportation, logistics, pharmacy, inspection and control, aeronautical engineering, civil engineering and construction, real estate, and many more.