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Economic Criminal Law

In order to provide comprehensive and far-reaching advice to our clients, we consider that it is of vital importance to advise them with regards to the provisions of the economic criminal law, since the current legislative trends tend to increasingly criminalize wrongful economic behaviors.

Taking into consideration the fact that many of the behaviors that previously fell under the corporate commercial law or labor law only have recently also been regulated within the criminal law, it is more than obvious that advising on issues regarding the liability of managers or employee outsourcing requires a preliminary analysis in the light of the economic criminal law.

In addition to the aforementioned, we will of course also analyze the possible existence of behaviors that have traditionally been affecting companies, such as misappropriation, criminal bankruptcy or scams, which unfortunately have grown exponentially in the context of the economic crisis.

In this sense, our partner specialized in criminal matters will advise our clients in cases where they have been victims of such situations, as well as in those cases where they have been accused of having committed a criminal offense themselves.