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Corporate Law

Our firm provides legal advice in Corporate Law both on an ad-hoc and on a continued basis. The matters we typically treat are those related to the different phases of the life cycle of a corporation, ranging from choosing the most appropriate legal form for the incorporation to the final dissolution and liquidation. In addition, we offer representation and support creating alternative types of legal entities such as partnerships or joint ventures. We also provide efficient solutions to companies or individuals of foreign origin wishing to incorporate an entity in Spain, enabling them to start developing their activities in a quick and easy manner. The most recent reform of the Spanish Corporations Act has imposed a variety of new obligations, for the fulfillment of which we offer practical solutions in order to avoid risks for companies and their managers.

The day-to-day operation of companies presents countless challenges and issues which, taking into account the consequences that every single decision might entail, require quick and efficient solutions. Our vast years of experience allow us to react to these issues immediately, always acting in a practical manner in order not to interrupt the company’s normal business activity, and providing an appropriate framework to ensure its legal safety.

Said all that, we are fully aware of the extraordinary importance that providing an advice of preventive nature bears, provided that adapting to the legal parameters in force a priori is far simpler than fixing consequences of a breach afterwards.