1. Tax

  • Submitting tax forms and other models (e.g. Bank of Spain, Ministry of Finances)
  • Tax advising in relation with local, national or international taxation scope
  • Assistance on tax inspections, tax collection procedures and tax administration issues
  • Developing appeals/claims against public administration proceedings
  • Related-party transactions and transfer pricing consulting services
  • Tax planning on inheritances
  • Corporate restructuring transactions (business mergers, excisions)
  • Advising and adjusting to SII-VAT system

2. Accounting

  • Recurrent or sporadic accounting for companies
  • Preparation, legalization and submission for Annual Accounts and mandatory accounting books
  • Accounting advisory services
  • Resolution procedures related to accounting valuation

3. Management

  • Multiple sorts of formalities in relation with public sector requirements
  • Elaboration of internal reporting for multinational groups
  • Analysis and optimization regarding company’s internal management system
  • Economic valuation of companies or businesses
  • Judicial expertise services
  • Due diligences (Tax/Accounting)
  • National or international trading advice
  • Consulting services related to billing requirements

4. Labour services

  • Preparation of payrolls and social security contributions
  • Optimization of human resources department
  • Registrations and cancellations regarding company’s employees

5. Audit services

  • Annual Accounts audit
  • Due Diligence
  • Limited scope audits