Payroll accounting
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Payroll accounting

In the area of payroll accounting, we can provide you with services from a wide spectrum:

  • keeping complete payroll and employee records
  • maintaining relations with the relevant Serbian authorities (i.e. social security office, health insurance companies, fiscal and financial authorities)
  • preparation of pay-slips for employees and employee earnings records containing various personal data in the required structure
    preparation of payroll subsidiary ledger reflecting the number of days worked, the basic wage, compensation and other necessities for the tax treatment and the calculation of the net wages of each employee
  • preparation of income confirmations necessary for the state social allowance, preparation of the collection orders to enable the employee to obtain social security benefits and state statutory allowances
  • annual payroll reconciliation for the employees

We can provide you with the service of processing all documents connected with the commencement or the termination of employment (i.e. submission of all necessary applications to the proper register or authorities).

We can also provide you with the service of validating health books in accordance with Rulebook for validating health books with stamps issued by Republic institution for health insurance, and which are being issued in the branch offices in accordance with place of residence of the employee.