Tax Consulting

Tax Consulting

Advisory services

At ECOVIS Bosnia and Herzegovina we offer dedicated tax advisory services.
ECOVIS Bosnia and Herzegovina’ Tax Advisory Services advise you on the increasing risk to your company due to the changing tax environment, by managing your tax planning in an efficient manner, or implementing your organisational change in a tax efficient manner.
When providing tax advice complete business case and legal framework is considered, with a goal of providing practical advice for our client.

VAT Representation services

ECOVIS Bosnia and Herzegovina is currently acting as the VAT representative for a large number of mid-sized to large and global companies in Bosnia and Herzegovina, ensuring compliance with the Bosnia and Herzegovina VAT Law as well as preparing, performing controls of the basis for the VAT reporting and filing of the VAT returns in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Depending on the nature of your activity and provided certain conditions are met, ECOVIS Bosnia and Herzegovina can provide fixed fees for a defined set of VAT representation and reporting services. In addition, as part of being a global and multidisciplinary provider of professional services, we are able to assist on a wide range of subjects in the set-up phase and on a continuous basis, including both tax and none-tax related subjects, facilitating and optimizing your company’s entry into the Bosnia and Herzegovina market.

Tax reviews and due diligences

Tax reviews and Due diligences has purpose to identify tax risks and irregularities. They can be performed per type of tax in period of interest. They are often requested by a potential buyer of a business or in cases when there is change in management or accounting of the company.

Tax proceedings

During tax audits conducted by tax authorities of Bosnia and Herzegovina in charge for indirect as well for direct taxes, we are to resolve possible issues with the tax auditors in early stage of the process. We participate in the tax audits based on power of attorney. Our subsequent activities are related to preparation of appeals and possible law suit against the tax authorities.

Transfer pricing documentation

Bosnia and Herzegovina tax legislation requires that transfer pricing legislation is prepared not only for business relationships between foreign and domestic businesses but also for relationships between two domestic companies seated in different entities in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Our experience in this field is gained by preparation of transfer pricing documentation in various types of business activity. In process of preparation of documentation we are using “Amadeus” software.

Tax optimisation

ECOVIS Bosnia and Herzegovina provides its customers with tax efficiency for not only in short term but in long term tax optimisation services. Within scope of this service we are considering complete business conduct of the company and legal framework and determine potential for tax optimisation which can result in significant savings. As a second step we define activities required to realise such savings.

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