Basic Bookkeeping services

Our bookkeeping services are aimed at customers who have expectations from their advisers to advise and direct them in order to ensure that decision-making and operations and consequently accounting is effective and in line with the laws and regulations.

Preparation of annual financial statements

This service is aimed at clients who are seeking additional security that yearend financial statements which are their responsibility are prepared accurately. Preparation of yearend financial statements require higher skills then day to day accounting due to higher knowledge and experience requirement but also due to the frequent changes in laws and regulations.

Controlling services

Our controlling service is to generate guidelines to the management for argumentative decision making. Arguments are not and cannot be based only on historical data from the books but on indicators looking to the future and on comparison with the competition.

Accounting reviews

Users of this service are clients which want additional confirmation that their business books are kept in accordance with laws and regulations. Often this service is combined with tax reviews performed by the tax advisors.

Preparation of plans and budgets

The short, mid and long term business plans and budgeting process is a key part of running a business successfully and achieving a strategy. It provides a discipline for the management to thoroughly review progress and to set objectives – and for the directors/holding company to commit to supporting the budget and investment plans.
In co-operation with you we are able to create plans and budgets and add to your business more firm base for future business conduct.

Reporting on foreign currency operations

For our clients based on their needs we may offer services of reporting on foreign currency operations. Obligation to report foreign currency transaction relates to all companies who have transactions with foreign companies. With reaching certain conditions beside foreign currency records there are obligations for reporting towards Ministries of Finance of federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Republic of Srpska as well towards the Central Bank of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Payroll and „other income“ calculation and advisory services

For its particularities in sense of accounting activities as well as for necessity to preserve confidentiality i.e. secrecy salaries are often subject to outsourcing. When performing this service we are well positioned provide our clients with added value in sense of guidance related to the Labour law and tax legislation provisions, software records of work, legal reporting electronically, electronically prepared payment orders for salary payout.
We provide you calculations of payroll tax, social security contributions and Employment Forms – some or all of these may be needed for your business.

Financial reporting advisory services

Financial reporting advisory services are consisted of:

  • Accounting advisory service for complicated financial accounting areas
  • Support for IFRS conversion
  • Support for conversion to UGB and HGB requirements
  • Support for US GAAP conversion
  • Support for the introduction of financial reporting/accounting system
  • Support for constructing a management accounting framework

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