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Currently, our firm has the following specialized services with local and international clients:

Financial Accounting

Accurate accounting information is a key part of business success. It is important because it provides an organization’s stakeholders with business statements, allowing them to know if the organization is making or losing money. It gives information that is essential in determining if the company is able to maintain profitability and determine financial stability.

Tax Management

Strict compliance with tax rules and regulation is a key to preserve company resources from being wasted on violations. The Firm’s Tax Professionals assist in ensuring compliance with the technical tax system, requirements, and applications while taking advantage the tax options and strategies to maximize tax benefits and incentives.

Immigration and Visa

More Fun in the Philippines and the longer the clients stay, the more lovely the country becomes. With the technical team of legal and immigration specialists, they would advise the clients on the most appropriate Visa applicable for their intended stay. The Firm will ascertain that the clients carry with the proper Visa from the Philippine Immigration to avoid the inconvenience of deported and untoward problems.

Audit and Assurance

Financial Statements audit and assurance is not just for statutory compliance towards a credible financial reporting, but an area for more business opportunities and advantages. With the Firm’s team of technically equipped and experienced in the field of audit and assurance, it will provide a quality audit and assurance services going beyond the statutory requirements. It designs and properly selects appropriate methodology applicable to the business operations to achieve quality and integrity for the business entity.

Human Resource Management

Human Resource is the foundation of an organization. Without its work force, it will not be able to perform its functions and achieve success and progression. The strength of an organization is tied to its ability to maintain and sustain its productive members. ECOVIS FINTAX provides its clientele with updates, consults, recommendations and advises on matters concerning its people. Performance evaluation, skills inventory, structures and hiring systems are just a few of many areas the Firm can provide assistance to clients.

Business Strategy and Development

A good business structure contributes business success. The Firm assists the client to identify the most appropriate business structure, ensure the ownership security in such legal business entity, and register the same in a suitable manner that could commence the business operations the soonest possible time. It assisted and continues assisting a number of local and foreign investors in the complete registration of their legal business entities though its technical team.