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About us

ECOVIS FINTAX is a partnership firm of young and energetic Financial Accountants, Auditors, Tax Professionals, Human Resource Practitioners, Business Developers, and Immigration/Visa Consultants offering professional works with local and international clients.

It is a member of ECOVIS INTERNATIONAL, which is in the circle of biggest firms globally. As one of the leading consulting firm with almost 9,000 people operating in more than 80 countries worldwide, its consulting focus and expertise rests in the areas of taxation, accounting, auditing and legal advice.

ECOVIS FINTAX is used as a member name in the Philippines where both have the same strength that covers all around support in different aspects of economic, legal, financial, managerial, and administrative concerns. Thus, its one-stop-shop model makes the clientele’s business possible.

People in the Philippines are hardworking and accommodating which makes them worldwidely-known for being hospitable and with strong work ethic. The firm is not just offering business assistance but holds onto this values that establish intact relationships with the clients who are looking for hands-on and long-term professional services with specialties in genuine and personalized approach to deliver satisfied results.

Having been connected with renowned law and auditing firms in Makati over the past years, the people in ECOVIS FINTAX had equipped themselves with technical knowledge acquired both in theory by active participation in the academe, and in practice of profession up to present. With the focus of developing a strong client service team with the end view of delivering quality professional services, it endeavors to ride in the competition offering quality service coupled with timely delivery at reasonable costs.

It continues to train its team and expose them to other fields for diverse experience in handling accounts from across industries of its client base.

More importantly, it takes pride in clients’ issues taking them as a challenge and finding rightful solution under prevailing circumstances.

Contact us:

Managing Director in the Philippines
Wilson John Gimena
Managing Director
+63 917 5215381