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Tax audit

Tax audit is the prior control to any control of the Tax Administration, which consists of the revision of compliance with formal and substantial tax obligations simulating the performance of the Tax Administration, allowing our clients to detect possible contingencies and evaluating the different possibilities of response.

Review of tax compliance

This service is executed on a monthly basis, consisting on a detailed review of statements by analyzing all the documents that sustain it, in order to be validated by our experts with the aim of detecting possible errors that may be fixed in a timely manner.

Transfer pricing technical study

In Peru, some taxpayers are obliged to (for the amount of their income or due to the type of its operations) present an annual informative sworn statement on the transactions with related businesses or third country residents of low or null taxation, and to have at disposal of the fiscal authorities a Transfer Pricing Technical Study.

Our service offers the business sector the Transfer Pricing Technical Study and, according to the core of the business, we use special data bases that allow to have adequate comparables for its operations.

Our report identifies if the transactions with related or third countries residents in territories of low or null taxation correspond to normal market practices, by knowing the contingencies and deviations, if it is the case.

Technical assistance report

Our technical assistance report allows the business sector to apply a reduced rate of up to 15% of Income Tax via retention on non-domiciled providers who offer services defined as technical assistance. If not, the retention of Income Tax would rise up to 30%.

Tax advising

This service ranges from advising to fiscal planning, identifying the opportunities of tax savings and/or correct application of tax law.

Legal Consultancy

  • Advice on civil and contractual matters
  • Company reorganization.
  • Intellectual property and competition.
  • Labor and immigration advice.


  • Advice and attention in tax or labor control procedures by SUNAT or MINTRA.
  • Tax compliance review.
  • Technical Assistance Report.

Legal Representation

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