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Financial audit

The financial audit service is focused on providing an opinion on the fairness of the financial statements prepared on a specific date; as well as the detection of significant risks that may affect the results, helping to create a product that adds value to the financial information of our clients.

Our method is based on identifying risks and reviewing with more emphasis the areas that represent higher risks.

Adjustment to IFRS

This service is designed to help companies in the adequacy of its financial statements to International Financial Reporting Standards, issued by the International Accounting Standards or International Accounting Standards Board (IASB), according to the provisions of Peruvian law.

Limited review

According to a limited application of audit procedures arranged with the client, this service allows to focus on specific sectors or areas, issuing focused reports.

Due Diligence

This service allows the review of the correct asset and liabilities value to a certain date, identifying the contingencies and establishing financial statements “proforma” that show the heritage value according to the International Financial Reporting Standards.

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