Tax Consulting

Tax Consulting

The Paraguayan tax structure is currently oriented to attract investments to the country. This is basically based on three axes, known locally as “10-10-10”: 10% of Value Added Tax, 10% of Income Tax and 10% of Personal Income Tax. In addition to this, the Paraguayan Government has implemented special legislation that grants tax benefits to investment projects that generate greater wealth and jobs for the country. Within the South American region, Paraguay is clearly one of the countries with the lowest tax burden for investments and business.

In order to obtain the maximum benefit to Paraguayan tax legislation, clients require accounting and tax advice in all Tax areas. Our expertise in Tax consulting offer a wide range of accounting and tax services so that each client complies – in a timely manner – with their tax obligations enabling them to obtains the maximum benefits in order to strengthen the structure of their business and minimize the tax burden.

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