Dr. László Kelemen

Partner, Lawyer, Bank Lawyer, Tax Advisor

Short bio

Degree in law, with bar exam, qualified banking lawyer and tax advisor. After graduation he worked for five years as a counsellor at the Department of Turnover Taxes of the Ministry of Finance, followed by working as a tax advisor in a senior management position at Deloitte for seven years. He is the managing partner of ECOVIS Tax Solution Ltd as from 2015, assisting clients mainly in the tax-related issues of international companies and company groups.

Apart from his extensive knowledge and experience in turnover and corporate tax, László is fully qualified in the tax-related aspects of leasing and certain bank and financial transactions and also has considerable experiences in the complex taxation solutions of the various transactions in the real estate, FMCG and IT sectors. As a tax advisor he was involved in numerous company acquisitions, due diligence procedures and restructurings. Apart from his actual advisory functions László often publishes in tax and accountancy journals, gives presentations and is the author or co-author of several books on (mainly) turnover taxes.

Laszlo speaks in English and Hungarian.

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