Good reasons to invest in Madrid
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Good reasons to invest in Madrid

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Madrid is looking to attract foreign investors. To this end, the regional government has launched various initiatives and projects, such as a regional law for tax incentives, or individual measures, such as a guide for investors. The Ecovis consultants report on the details of the initiative.

A foreign investor looking at a new market wants stability, security and a good investment climate (taxes, regulations, etc.). The regional government of Madrid has recently created a website and published a guide for investors (available at where any interested party can find facts and figures on Madrid’s economy, as well as a list of the various advantages offered by the region in different areas.

The guide includes, for example, information on funding to help invest in Madrid, administrative assistance and organisations dedicated to foreign investments, tax-relief, public infrastructure, available real estate (more than 3 million square meters), future projects (semiconductor hub, music boulevard, and a wide range of initiatives) and other information that might be necessary for an investor deciding to invest in Madrid.

Tax incentives for foreign investors

Madrid has a regional government that is keen to attract foreign investment. There is a project for a regional law granting tax incentives to foreign investors and a law to guarantee an open market (e.g. by reducing licensing requirements). A new project will focus on tax incentives in research, development and innovation (RDI), especially in new technologies and digitalisation, providing tax credits for reinvestments.

We support you in the development and implementation of investment plans in the region and throughout Spain.
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Reducing overregulation

Madrid has a website against hyperregulation, where firms can ask for the removal of regulations that hinder the creation of new businesses. The list of planned removals recently reached 200. Madrid is home to 6 public and 13 private universities, with more than 320,000 students (of which 11% are foreigners) which means that companies have access to well-qualified employees, which is one of the major challenges of modern economies.

Further advantages of investing in Madrid

Madrid also has a very good quality of life, including many cultural attractions, world renowned cultural institutions and night-life etc. that allow a very good work-life balance. This also helps to attract and retain talented employees.

With its new initiative, Madrid’s regional government is inviting investors to join the list of more than 14,000 firms owned by foreign shareholders from 104 countries.

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