Digital Invoicing: Say goodbye to traditional invoices and fully enter the digital era
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Digital Invoicing: Say goodbye to traditional invoices and fully enter the digital era

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In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, traditional invoices are becoming a thing of the past as digital invoicing takes centre stage. With the introduction of the Golden Tax System Phase VI, the implementation of digital invoices has reached new heights, revolutionising the way enterprises operate. The Ecovis experts take a look at the most important questions and answers.

Do the invoices need a special seal?

The beauty of digital invoices lies in their simplicity. Taxpayers utilising paper copies of electronic invoices as tax vouchers no longer require the seller to stamp the paper copies with a special seal. However, it is essential to save all the electronic invoice files used for printing these copies to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.

Up to now there have been invoice limits. How will this be regulated in the future with digital invoices?

The days of invoice limit restrictions are gone. Unlike the previous paper-based system, digital invoices offer unparalleled freedom. Businesses can issue an unlimited number of invoices within the total amount allowed, irrespective of their size, thus empowering them to effortlessly cater to their diverse needs.

We support you in the transition to digital invoicing and accompany the entire process for you.
Richard Hoffmann, Lawyer, Ecovis Heidelberg, Germany

How does digital invoicing affect sales listings and transaction reporting?

Digital invoices redefine efficiency by eliminating the need for separate sales lists. Unlike their traditional counterparts, digital invoices are electronic documents capable of displaying an extensive number of invoicing lines. This feature enables enterprises to provide comprehensive transaction item details directly within the digital invoice, streamlining the reporting process.

What other advantages does the digital invoice bring?

The main advantages are, among others:

  • No more hassle of purchasing physical invoices. Digital invoices eliminate the need for cumbersome bureaucratic processes, saving valuable time and reducing operational costs.
  • Trust in authenticity: With digital invoices, the issuer is a certified financial professional within the enterprise, ensuring the invoice’s authenticity and eliminating any concerns related to credibility.
  • Embracing efficiency: The electronic nature of digital invoices eradicates the previous challenges of express delivery, resulting in substantial savings in terms of delivery costs.

Are there any administrative measures to be observed?

As enterprises transition into the realm of digital invoices, it is crucial to implement comprehensive management measures. The efficient storage and accurate record-keeping of these electronic invoices is paramount.

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