Co-operation between Ecovis Hungary and Wolters Kluwer
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Co-operation between Ecovis Hungary and Wolters Kluwer

Since the spring of 2017 Ecovis Hungary has operated several trending legal blogs for the public in Hungarian concerning different areas of law including mining, real estate, corporate, commercial, procurement law and the law of trusts. The short summary of these publications are also announced in English on the website of Ecovis Hungary. Usually these blog articles are prepared in an easily understandable style as the target audience is not the legal community but the potential new clients without having legal background.

After a few months following that the weekly blog articles had begun to be published, larger Hungarian news websites started to occasionally republish the entries generating numerous new hits on the blogs.

As a result of the continuous work on the legal blogs, in May 2018, the Hungarian branch of the international publisher and information provider Wolters Kluwer contacted Ecovis Hungary and initiated negotiations concerning a content development agreement for one of their websites ( The English translation of the Hungarian expression of “jogászvilág” is “legalworld”, as this website provides legal content, summaries and articles definitely for the Hungarian legal professional community.

It is noteworthy that previously, tax advisors of Ecovis Tax Solutions had already written articles from time to time for another website of Wolters Kluwer, (the word “adó” means “tax” in Hungarian) in connection with tax questions.

On the basis of this new cooperation beginning from September 2018, experts of Ecovis Hungary weekly write articles to update a well-separated, fixed news box exclusively dedicated to Ecovis Hungary at websites and operated by Wolters Kluwer. Certainly these articles are different in content and style from the news bulletins of the blogs written to a greater public; these are formulated on a professional level for the legal readers.

In addition to the new online interface, Ecovis Hungary will also collaborate with Wolters Kluwer in the field of printed professional publications in the future: our tax experts will take part in the compilation of Tax-Codex (“Adó-kódex”), a summary and an explanation of the new and the recently amended tax regulations..

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