Business continuity consultant: Stay ahead and prepare for the worst
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Business continuity consultant: Stay ahead and prepare for the worst

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The past few years have shown that global crises can quickly bring companies into economically threatening situations. As a result, business continuity management (BCM) actively plans and prepares for crises such as fire, flood, and cyberattack to enable organisations to swiftly restore normal operations. 

BCM executives strive to anticipate plans and actions before potential disasters arise. These procedures are then put to the test to ensure that they work. The processes should then be periodically evaluated to make sure they are still up to date. However, as the experts from ECOVIS FAMCO Associates know, some businesses still believe that investing in business continuity strategies is unnecessary.

Too few companies have a BCM programme

Research shows that only 32% of businesses have developed and tested business continuity plans. With a sense of “it won’t happen to us”, here are some of the common reasons why companies do not have a BCM programme in place:

  • The time required to create and implement a BCM programme will divert our attention from crucial business activities
  • The majority of BCM programme methods are just descriptions of common sense practices
  • Building BCM programmes in-house is simple and not time-consuming
  • BCM programmes are exclusively designed for larger businesses
  • Our area is not prone to natural disasters
  • We are too small to implement a comprehensive business continuity or emergency management policy
  • Although necessary, a BCM programme is currently not a key priority
  • The external dangers to our business are low
  • We have an IT disaster recovery solution and data backup
We provide our expert knowledge and create and implement a business continuity management programme for you.
Muhammad Ali Shaikh, Senior Consultant, ECOVIS FAMCO Associates, Karachi, Pakistan

Although the above comments may be valid, they are by no means true or helpful. A BCM programme is a crucial risk management foundation on which an organisation should build to successfully reach its goals and fulfil its mission, regardless of its size or budget.

BCM brings numerous benefits to companies

Business continuity management is essential for any company seeking to thrive in the modern digital environment and a strategy is necessary to accomplish company objectives. Large enterprises also benefit from the long-term advantages of business continuity plans, including:

  • Protecting a company’s reputation
  • Boosting employee morale
  • Improving links with partners and other parties
  • Helping comply with legal obligations

As with contingency planning, business continuity management must be developed and adhered to using the appropriate technology, message and strategy.

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Muhammad Ali Shaikh, Senior Consultant, ECOVIS FAMCO Associates, Karachi, Pakistan

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