Automotive Start-Up
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Automotive Start-Up


Our client is a startup enterprise specialising in electronic components for automobiles, used to achieve superior performance, whether it be more power, cleaner emissions or better fuel efficiency. The young company provides the whole range of services from software development to chip production combined with extensive after-sales service. Everything is made in Germany, with an export rate of more than 50% of their sales. Also, China is a growing market for their products.


With growing international presence and sales outside of Germany, our client registered its trademark in the European Union in order to protect its brand. Through a WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organisation) application, several countries, including China, were supposed to follow. During this process our client found out that a registration of the same trademark had already been carried out in China.


Ecovis Beijing was engaged to take action against the malicious registration of the client’s trademark. This included the whole process of research and background checks to find out who registered the trademarked. As an individual was detected as the Chinese trademark’s owner, we appealed to the authorities by submitting evidence to them that our client had used his trademark before that.


We at Ecovis helped our client to regain his trademark. The client is registered in most countries as well as in China now and can focus on its key business.

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