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From Starbucks to the Skyline – 3 Years ECOVIS Beijing

(May 27th, 2015)

By ECOVIS Beijing

ECOVIS Beijing is celebrating its 3rd anniversary: Where we started, where we are now and where we are heading.


In May 2012, Richard Hoffmann and Grace Shi founded ECOVIS Beijing, adding China’s capital to the world-wide network of offices under the umbrella of ECOVIS International. The two founding partners started out equipped with a profound knowledge of China’s business landscape and a bold vision – and not much more. In fact, in the very first days, ECOVIS Beijing was just the two of them working out of a coffee shop, waiting for their office to be finished.

Since then, ECOVIS Beijing has been growing rapidly, moving into yet bigger offices several times to accommodate the quickly increasing team of accounting, auditing, legal and tax experts. Supporting foreign (mostly German) SMEs in almost every aspect of their business in China – from company set-up and tax optimization to accounting and audit – ECOVIS Beijing is now the fastest growing ECOVIS office world-wide and the biggest consulting firm for German SMEs in Beijing. Richard Hoffmann’s recent appointment to the management board of ECOVIS International, illustrates the spearhead role that ECOVIS Beijing has played and the importance of looking towards China.

Celebrating our 3rd anniversary, we are already making big plans for the future: In Summer 2015, ECOVIS Beijing will move into the new German Centre Beijing at LiangMaQiao and right into the heart of the German business community in Beijing. Soon, many of our current and potential clients literally just have to walk down the hall, when they have a question! We are also happy to assist any other companies that plan to move their offices, make other changes to their legal structure or want to expand their business.

The last three years have been an exciting time, but instead of dwelling in the past we are ready to take on new challenges and, together with our clients, explore new opportunities in China. As in the past, ECOVIS Beijing will answer all of your consulting needs with the perfect blend of local experience and international expertise.

While we have grown and developed, one thing has not changed in the last three years: You can still get a cup of coffee in our office.

Get advice on your China business – call our office now at +86 10 6561 6609 – 811

With contributions by Lukas von Below (ECOVIS Beijing)

Richard Hoffmann Richard Hoffmann is a partner at ECOVIS Beijing China. Richard obtained an honors degree in law and worked in Germany, America and China for various prestigious law firms prior to joining ECOVIS. He has published more than fifty articles in international magazines, frequently speaks at high profile events in China and abroad and is often invited as a legal expert by international TV stations. Contact: richard.hoffmann@ecovis.com
Ecovis Beijing is the trusted tax and legal advisor of several embassies and official institutions in China. It specializes in mid-sized international companies and is focused on tax & legal advisory, accounting and auditing. If you’re interested in finding out more about tax and legal, don’t hesitate to sign up to our Newsletter, give us a call +86 10-65616609 (ext 811/806) or contact us directly via Beijing@ecovis.com.
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