In Estonia the offices of Ecovis offer the following portfolio of services:

  • audit and other assurance services (performed in compliance with the standards developed by IFAC);
  • performance of agreed-upon-procedures (such as observation of stock-taking or testing internal controls);
  • taxation (including advisory services as well as more mundane things such as tax accounting);
  • accounting (a full range of services from basic book-keeping to payroll to tax accounting to preparation of various financial and related statements to advisory services);
  • provision of professional training in the foregoing areas;
  • transaction support (e.g. advising whether an agreement has to be notarised and assisting with the arrangements; advice on the various forms of entrepreneurship available in Estonia etc.).

Contact us:

Partner, Sworn Auditor in Estonia
Stella Zdobnõh
Partner, Sworn Auditor
+372 6450490
Partner in Estonia
Veera Sokolova
+372 6450490