Co-operation with external partners crowned with success
13.07.2018 | Ecovis has entered into successful co-operation with GIA, a business partner specialized in different projects designed to install systems of integrated supply management.
Supplier for Aviation Industry
01.09.2014 | China, Beijing: Our German headquartered client provides equipment and services for the aviation industry, working closely together with major aircraft manufacturers. With its products, our client is a globally marketed leader. In
Automotive Start-Up
28.08.2014 | China, Beijing: Our client is a startup enterprise specialising in electronic components for automobiles, used to achieve superior performance, whether it be more power, cleaner emissions or better fuel efficiency. The young company provides the whole range of services from software development to chip production combined with extensive after-sales service.
Manufacturing fortune 500 company: Employee Background check
04.04.2014 | China: The company was insecure about which person to employ as their new General Manager. They had to choose one out of three candidates they had interviewed before. Hiring and especially terminating labor contracts in China can be difficult and extremely expensive. Also, fluctuation rates in China are enormously high. Therefore research on candidates’ backgrounds becomes increasingly more important for companies operating in China to keep HR costs low.
Major US Investment Bank
01.03.2014 | UK: Credit Default Swap product documentation and confirmations were inaccurate and incomplete.