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Bogota, Colombia
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Audit and Assurance

At Ecovis Colombia we provide tax audit services, assurance of the financial and non-financial information, audit of financial statements, audit of internal controls and other specific assurance works destined to investors, boards of directors and senior management, under the following premises:
  • Respect, Confidentiality and Transparency
  • Teamwork
  • High Standards of Professional Quality
  • Global Methodology and Digital Tools
  • Knowledge of Specialized Industries
  • Interdisciplinary team with local and international support
Our services:
  • Statutory Auditor and / or External Audit
  • Internal Control Audit
  • Implementation of agreed procedures
  • Due Diligence (due diligence)
  • Advice on accounting and control aspects (US GAAP, IFRS,
  • Implementation and revision of new pronouncements in IFRS

Statutory audit service

At Ecovis Colombia, we provide the Fiscal Auditor service giving compliance with the regulatory frameworks contemplated in the Commercial Code and other standards established by the control authorities and enforcing to the standards of quality and transparency, under the following scope:
  • Issue an opinion on the reasonableness of the financial statements
  • Conceptualize if the accounting is carried out in accordance with the legal norms and the
    accounting technique.
  • Verify that the correspondence, the vouchers of the accounts and the books of
    minutes and record of shares are duly kept.
  • Identify if during the year the operations celebrated and recorded in the books
    and the acts of the administrators, were taked according to the statutes, to the decisions of
    the Assembly of Shareholders and the Board of Directors and the legal provisions
    that are applicable.
  • Report in a timely manner, to the Board of Directors and / or the Presidency,
    as appropriate, of the irregularities that occur in the operation and the
    development of their businesses.
  • Evaluate the internal control system.
  • Collaboration with government entities for regulation and control and
    surrender of the reports that may take place or of third parties that request it.
  • Ensure the safeguard and adequate conservation and use of the properties
    and equipment.
  • Review and sign tax returns, responses to requirements and other
    certifications that require the signature of the fiscal auditor, in accordance with the
    current legislation.