Dispute settlement and arbitration
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Dispute settlement and arbitration

Disputes constitute a key part of our practice, and we have broad experience in handling all possible corporate and commercial disputes. A crucial part of this process is determining an effective and efficient strategy. We start by analysing our clients’ risks and interest in a conflict situation, set the objectives together with them, and then determine the most appropriate means to achieve these objectives.

If an amicable settlement is possible and desirable, we always prefer this option. In that case, we assist our clients in gathering data for their case, conducting negotiations and concluding a settlement.

Whenever legal proceedings are inevitable or the result of a conscious decision, you can rely on our experienced team of litigation lawyers. We are intimately familiar with all the material and procedural aspects related to disputes, and based on this knowledge we determine the most effective strategy in order to achieve the best possible results. We handle disputes for district courts, as well as acting as arbiters or lawyers for parties involved in arbitration proceedings (including Cepina, ICC, Cedires, and ad hoc arbitration).

Clients also consult us on international disputes governed by Belgian law. At the request of courts of law or lawyers based outside Belgium, we provide affidavits, expert opinions and recommendations relating to the application of Belgian law.